Review: Early Music Society of Queensland, October-December 2013 Newsletter

The Johnian Duo – Mayne Centre, University of Queensland – Friday 27 September – 1.00pm The Johnian Duo, Howard Munro (organ) and Ana Stevenson (recorders), are both from St John’s College at UQ.  In 2013 these two have been giving free performances of baroque music on the third Friday of the month in the Mayne Centre, where the ‘Pogson–Boughen’ organ patiently waits among the art works.  They advertised this event more actively, which is certainly warranted!

Howard delighted us with Pachelbel’s Air and Variations in F major, proving that Pachelbel is more than just one canon.  Ana joined Howard with two works, Telemann’s Partita in E minor (fluorescent green descant) and Handel’s Sonata No 3 in C Major (not so fluorescent mauve treble), then played Jacob van Eyck’s recorder solo ‘Onder de Linde Groene’ on a tenor – much richer effect than on a descant!  Accompanied again, Ana played Telemann’s Sonata in F Major and Schickhardt’s Sonata No.6 in D Minor. Howard’s last item was JS Bach’s Fantasia and Fugue in A Minor BWV561.  What a lovely lunch hour I had!  Consider them EMSQ potential! 

Jennifer Beale